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Bournemouth Beach Wedding

Bournemouth beach wedding is now a reality you can have a ceremony right on the sand of Bournemouth beach with the sound of the waves in your ears and the smell of sea air in your nostrils. I have lived in Bournemouth all my life and have been photographing around Bournemouth for 20 years and know for a fact that the sun does shine far more down on the south coast than it does slightly inland. During the summer the vast majority of cloud is precipitation over the land and many times have seen a beautiful blue sky over the sea while just turning around and looking at cloud over the land, your chances of a sun shine wedding is far higher down on the beach!

Having grown up in Bournemouth and having so many beach memories from my childhood all the way into adulthood, Bournemouth beach is a very special place to me, and if you are choosing Bournemouth beach as your wedding venue then Bournemouth beach will be just as important to you.


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The Chapel Beach Hut Bournemouth Beach Wedding
The Chapel Beach Hut Bournemouth Beach Wedding

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Posted February 20th, 2012.

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